Portals development and implementation
Finport Technologies has gained a great experience of development and implementation of intra-corporate Intranet portals. This internal information system is built on the basis of Internet technologies and specifically designed for managing and work with the information, for granting access to the documents and services inside a company. Intranet portal enables the employees of any company to effectively use the accumulated corporate knowledge, to promptly react to the company events, and to organize the productive team-work.

 Main features of the Intranet portals:

  • little risk and fast return of the investments (the opportunity of getting fast results at little expenses);
  • integration technologies (the opportunity to effectively combine program solutions based on different software in one integrated information system); 
  • “investments catalyst” (the opportunity to hasten the payback process of the acquired software, to systematize and organize the further investments in the information infrastructure);
  • establishing effective communications between the employees.

Basic assignments of the Intranet portal:

  • providing company’s employees with a convenient data warehouse and a possibility of advanced search and logic classification;
  • business process automation for different departments of a company (personnel department, public relations department, analytic department, etc); 
  • maximal standardization and simplification of the traditional tasks of making and publishing company’s documents; 
  • providing centralized publication and a convenient updating of the news, announcements, orders, etc on the Intranet portal;
  • implementation of planning and accountability systems;
  • creating systems for news posting, both for individual employees and for different groups and departments;
  • online consultations and conferences;
  • operations coordination and users cooperation;  
  • application systems integration into a single corporate information system;
  • enabling collection and analysis of the information on the employees’ interests while they are browsing the portal;
  • resources backup inside the company;
  • sharing rights to access information, etc.