Alliances and partners

Finport Technologies Inc. takes an active part in different alliances and associations uniting companies with common strategic goals. Such cooperation gives an opportunity to exchange experience and information, advance ideas and products by joint efforts. Establishment of alliances is one of the key factors that show strengthening of competitive advantages of each participant.


CNews - Интернет-издание о высоких технологиях


KYA - портал лучших инвестиций


eSP Consortium

In December, 2004 Finport Technologies Inc. and The Elite Software Products (eSP) Consortium, established in 2000 in Kharkiv, signed the contract on co-operation. Now it consolidates five Kharkiv IT-companies (Eclipse SP, MBS, SoftPro, NeoSvIT and Insart), Kyiv company Finport Technologies Inc. and American Macfadden & Associates, Inc. Over 250 specialists work in companies of the Consortium and they are engaged in software development, system integration, testing, technical maintenance and outsourcing of business processes. Today the Consortium has signed a number of contracts for companies and governmental organizations of Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland and the USA and it specializes in software development for bank and financial organizations, telecommunication companies, firms dealing with real estate market, tourism, entertainment, as well as enterprise management systems (ERP).


The Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative

The Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative ( unites hi-tech companies, research institutes, educational establishments, public organizations and IT specialists.
The main goal of the Ukrainian HI-TECH Initiative is informing public about activities of Ukrainian hi-tech companies as well as establishing relations among companies of different fields, state bodies, political parties and movements, trade unions and other public associations. Finport Technologies Inc. is one of the founders of this association and invites other Ukrainian and foreign companies to join the Hi-Tech Initiative.


The Software Development Alliance "Silicon Taiga"

The Software Development Alliance Silicon Taiga ( was founded in 2001 and unites more than 60 companies dealing with IT services outsourcing and software development. This alliance provides software developers with ideological, educational, informational, economic, technical and political support. Today, Silicon Taiga is the largest association of software developers in the territory of the CIS. The mission of the Alliance is to create the ambience and conditions that are favorable for activities of software developers and services connected therewith. Finport Technologies Inc. acceded to the Software Development Alliance Silicon Taiga since it deems outsourcing the most dynamic segment of IT-market; besides, and efficient competition at the international market is possible only through consolidation of developers' efforts.