Distance learning system «Finport Training System»

FTSSystem of distance learning «Finport Training System» (FTS)

Company staff is a potential for its development. Only a high-professional, well-educated and united team can solve any tasks of any complexity and achieve the best results.

For reaching this goal Finport Technologies suggests a solution – the system of distance learning and training «Finport Training System».

The system is necessary for teaching of staff, clients and partners in any company or organization. With its help it is possible to develop education courses, conduct training and attestation, and finally, to analyze results and learning efficiency.

«Finport Training System» is widely used in the following cases:

  • complicated and branched corporate structure;
  • A great number of learners;
  • Necessity of knowledge support at preferable level;
  • Necessity of attestation and personnel testing;
  • Learning is a main kind of activity.

System of distance learning «Finport Training System» can solve the following problems:

  • Complex training of specialists/managers, skill improvement;
  • Apprehension of single corporate standards by employees;
  • Adaptation of new employees, apprehension of rules of conduct and intracorporate rules adopted by a company;
  • Improvement of employees’ loyalty in a company (care about new employees, career development);
  • Strengthening of a corporate atmosphere in a company;
  • Sharing with corporate values, experience accumulation;
  • Assurance of systematic approach, learning integrity, control over achievements and personnel certification;
  • Elimination of travel allowance in terms of learning process;
  • Reduction of costs for off-site training, renting of equipment and classrooms;
  • Flexible management of training and testing schedule;
  • Mitigation of staff turnover risks;
  • Increase in preparedness of a company to changes.