Automated system «Finport Life Insurance»


This system is not only an instrument for improvement of effective insurance company management but also for creation of new competitive advantages. Such system allows to increase business transparency for managers, raise company management, provide exchange of data with affiliates as well as to analyze financial results of company. Using the information system, an insurance company can react on market changes much faster by creating and analyzing new insurance products.

Information system “Finport Life Insurance” has a module-based architecture. This allows to develop the software product functionality regarding current requirements of clients in a flexible way.

The system consists of the following modules:

  • system administration module;
  • contract registration module;
  • standard reporting module;
  • financial module;
  • indemnity module (insurance payments);
  • notification module;
  • module of client relationship management;
  • actuary module.

Additional custom modules:

  • module of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM);
  • module of blanks of strict accounting;
  • web-portal;
  • analytical module;
  • module of underwriting.

The system allows to automate the working process with applications and insurance contracts, track all changes of conditions in each contract, form accounting for regulating bodies, provide convenient distant work with agents and affiliates, construct insurance products and software of different levels of complexity, perform an automatic underwriting. The system allows to arrange import/export of data from/to the accounting system.

In the software product, a reliable data security system is envisaged. It meets all norms of the State Financial Services Commission and legislation of Ukraine.

Applied technical solutions help to maintain a high efficiency, provide system scalability, form a high safety level, simplify the system deployment and its maintenance.

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