Private Pension Fund Administrator

ANPFAdministrator NPF

The system is meant for the automation of the work of non-governmental pension funds administrators. The system “Administrator of NPF” allows accounting all fund participants, all transactions, simplifies the work with data and their storage, provides reliability and data validity, allows getting necessary reports and analytical information.

“Administrator of NPF” provides following functionality:

  • Maintenance of account cards of subjects participating in the process of non-governmental pension turn-over (administrator, pension funds, participants, depositors, AMC and others);
  • Mass input of account cards;
  • Accounting and keeping contracts among subjects to accounting including maintenance of pension contract system;
  • Pension contracts export and personification lists import;
  • Individual pension accounts management;
  • Transactions log maintenance;
  • Accounting of all transfers to NPF;
  • Pension payments accounting;
  • Investment profit (loss) allocation and accounting;
  • Administrative expenses allocation and accounting;
  • Calculation, deduction and accounting of participants’ income taxes;
  • Transfer of pension funds of participants;
  • Delivery of information from a personified accounting system;
  • Database search by different criteria;
  • Analysis of results of Funds’ activity;
  • Preparation of internal and external evaluations;
  • Integration with other systems and application software (bookkeeping, client-bank).


The system has three-level architecture. MS SQL Server 2000 is used as a database server, application server is based on MS IIS, client application is developed on the basis of .NET technology.

Application server interacts with a database through ADO.NET.

Client application interacts with an application server through http.

Basic advantages:

  • A great number of implemented systems;
  • High scalability and distribution;
  • Unlimited number of pension funds served;
  • Ease and convenience of a user interface allow mastering the system by operators with different qualification;
  • Easy administration;
  • Automated control over validity of parameters entered;
  • Component realization allows increasing functionality;
  • System architecture allows customizing it to any structure and business processes of a certain NPF administrator;
  • Three-level architecture enabling work with great amount of data and high load;
  • Formation both of obligatory accounting and internal accounting;
  • Transfer of means among funds and within a fund (when depositor is changed);
  • Reservation of payment amount upon application; 
  • Methods of a client technical support are worked out.  Regular updating and creation of a new functional.

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