Customer software development

Custom Software Development

It is proved that not all ready-made solutions and products existing at the market meet the business requirements of a concrete company. In addition, the automation of unique business processes requires only the development of a specialized solution and such a ready-made product might not be available at all. The effective solution of this problem both in economic and technologic sense is the custom software that considers all peculiarities of business processes of a customer.

One of the areas of activity of Finport Technologies Inc. is projecting, development and maintenance of the custom software. The rich experience of our specialists allows us to implement the custom projects of any complexity and assure a high quality of the developed software.

We use complex approaches to realize and implement custom developments of our clients. The approaches of our company to the development process are based on proved RUP methods and CMM maturity model.

Working over a project the specialists of Finport Technologies Inc. perform a complete development cycle: requirements definition, projecting and documentation preparation, coding, testing and fixing, user instruction, deployment and support of software products.

By entrusting our company with the development and implementation of a custom software, you will save your time and own resources. It will allow you not only to gain maximum result with using our software but also to achieve its financial return.

Main areas:

  • Development and enhancement of corporate systems taking into account the specific features of business processes of a company;
  • Development of modules with non-standard functionality for existing systems;
  • Automation of unique business processes and development of specialized solutions;
  • Interface development for existing systems;
  • Reengineering, porting of existing systems, application integration;
  • Business application development;
  • Internet application development;
  • Projecting and creation of databases.

The specialists of Finport Technologies Inc. are ready to provide you with the consultation, if the above-mentioned list does not contain an exact description of a project you need to implement.

Platforms and technologies in use:

Operating systems:

Windows XP/2000, Windows NT, Windows 9x, UNIX (SunOS, Linux, AIX, SCO, BSD), DOS


Microsoft .NET, J2ME/J2SE/J2EE


Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access

Programming languages:

C/C ++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Perl, SQL, FoxPro, Pascal/Object Pascal, PHP, HTML, XML, XSLT, WML, Flash Action Script, JavaScript

Project Management:

RUP, Extreme Programming